Among the great joys and challenges of my work is depicting elements of a subject that provoke thought and touch the emotions.  My goal is to create artwork with visual and emotional appeal, often with a transcendent message, inspiring one to ask questions and to introspection. I am humbled by the testimonials of reactions to my artwork.

My Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Arts with a minor in Biology is from Loyola Marymount University. I studied art with an interest in medical illustration,  focusing on creating realistic images. I am grateful to have had this disciplined foundation upon which to build. After college, I enjoyed continuing studies of Art, Art History and Religion and have been doing commissioned work for over twenty years.

Acrylic and watercolor are my most frequently used media.  My subjects include memorials, tributes, various subjects large and small, among which are portraiture, land and seascapes, animals and holy images. 


In the fall of 1983, I spent a semester in Germany in which I studied the German Romantic painting movement, which had occurred during a period in history with increasing industrialization and humanistic philosophy. As a reaction to these, the Romantic movement developed. In it are seen  mystical and nostalgic qualities, hearkening back to a time of greater faith and wonder about the past and the supernatural.  Although this art is not religious specifically, it elicited these feelings and contributes to  my approach to creating art. 


Counter-Reformation artwork is also inspiring when creating religious art, as I hope to contribute with prayer and work to the restoration of the Church during this time of crisis. Each piece is dedicated to Jesus through Mary. The saints are drawn upon for intercessions in my work and I often pray for the souls of the masters from past generations and from whom, God willing, I ask for support in my work. In all of the subjects I paint, I wish to facilitate a wonder for the glory of God and His creation.  


I am also a practical and accessible artist. Time estimates for commissioned pieces are accurate and communication with the client is frequent.  Many of my works are deadline sensitive, as they are often presented at special events, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and memorials, or as realtors’ closing gifts. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments regarding my work.


Affiliations and Shows

FOLA Friends of Local Artists, Manhattan Beach of California

Manhattan Beach Old Home Town Fair

Hermosa Beach Art Walks

Catholic Art Guild 

American Academy of Sacred Arts

Seraphym Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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My Saint, My Hero

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Miracle Hunter


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